Want to Measure your health? Here’s how

measureyourhealth1I have always had a problem with trying to find out how healthy I am. But all these were made hard by the type of people I had t ask. I once said to myself,” if I went to a physician all I will get are lab tests which will basically be cholesterol levels or blood sugar level, or even heart rate”. But that was maybe all I needed to know, after all health is what is within me and lab tests are what can only reveal this. But then I visited my personal trainer, I was told to keep check of the body fat specifically the percentage. Maybe all you need to check is how your outfits behave when you use them.
I then decided to take the matters into my own hands. I decided to keep track of everything that might give me a clue of how healthy I am. Seems like a gigantic task doesn’t it? It’s actually easy to keep track of your health and fitness. All you need is a little commitment and an understanding of different ways to measure body conditions or state.

listentoyourbodyYou can use the weight to monitor your overall health. Say you are on tight exercise schedule. You measured your weight and after two days did it again. You might notice a slight change in the reading. If it’s too big a change, then there must be something wrong with your body. A too small change also is not so good at all. The BMI or body mass index is good if you are growing shorter at a higher rate while your wait increases. You can use many different ways to know how healthy and fit you are. You could use body composition, measurements (height or width), resting and target heart rates, cardio-respiratory fitness, energy level, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol and pain. All these are a good way to ensure your body is in perfect condition.
Someone might ask, “why all that?’ well, we could say it’s because the human body is complicated and would need a lot of measurement just to get the perfect answers. But really it is just being keen and strict. The physician’s assessment is okay. Likewise your fitness instructor’s claims could be accurate. But even in judging how smart kids are at school we don’t just use one subject to do the judgment. Likewise the human body needs an accurate view to determine just how healthy and fit it is. Another good reason to keep tabs with your health and fitness is just so you can know how to deal with immediate problems, as they say, a problem specified, is a problem solved.
You can also measure your body’s health and fitness because you want to keep track of changes taking place in your body. Let’s face it, if your aerobics are centered towards losing weight, you will want to keep track of how much of the undesired weight you have lost. Consult a specialist to give you advice on how to measure your health and fitness.

Olive Oil & its Health Benefits

oliveoilhealthOlive oil is famous as the healthiest food oil in the world. In fact, the people looking for a new healthy eating program will look it as an importance aspect in their diet. The origin of olive oil was included in Mediterranean diet and the people of this culture had long lives due to excellent health features. It is believed that they consumed olive oil, which was indeed the most important reason for them to live long and healthy.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is healthy as it contains the blend of two nutrients: Tyrosol Esters and Mono-unsaturated fats. These are the health boosting elements. Tyrosol esters keep your immunity levels high by keeping you away from multiple health conditions and infections. It even aids your essential body organs and keeps you relieved from any sort of pains or allergies. Monounsaturated fats can reduce chances of heart diseases and treats diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels. It is the safest oil to be used for eating healthy food.

Consumption of Olive Oil

Olive oil is the healthiest oil available; but it is purely fatty. So, you need to be careful about the direct consumption at one time period. The approximate calories in 1 tablespoon of olive oil is 100-120 and if you are adding excessive oil in your meal, it can make your food full of calories. Olive oil contains many health benefits, but excess of everything is bad and so is the case with this oil. You can’t get all the good effects of this oil till you are sure about the quantity to be used per day.

Olive Oil for Hair & Body

Olive oil is the best for hair and body. You can apply it on your hair to reduce hair fall and body for toning and relieving any stresses. It is easily available in the market and you can apply it easily on your desired body areas. It is completely safe and there will be least chances of allergy arising on your body with the use of this oil.

How Can You Eat The Right Amount Of Olive Oil?

Olive oil benefits can be attained by sprinkling the oil over your salad or food for adding moisture and flavor. You can also add it to any dish for additive nutrients and making the best texture for your dish. It doesn’t change the taste or flavor of the dish, but improves its quality. You can check the Mediterranean diet statistics to know the actual health benefits of olive oil. Eating balanced diet is essential and olive oil alone can’t do everything to keep you healthy. It can only add to nutrients, but right amount of major group foods (grains, dairy products, proteins, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and sugar) is mandatory to keep fit and healthy.

Reasons to choose Garcinia over other weight loss products

garcinia cambogiaPeople are looking for remedies to burn out the excess fat by many means. Some of them are following a diet plan, working out in gymnasium, involving in physical activities and dietary supplements for slimming. Though there are several means people are lazy and do not find time to work out or do physical activities. Following a proper diet is yet difficult since they are much attracted towards junk food. The simplest way is to use supplements to reduce diet which is gaining popularity recently.

Branched chain aminos acids are becoming renowned enough that bcaa bodybuilding is now a common term. These amino acids supplements come at a higher cost hence it is important to choose the right product. More than money it involves your health which is a very important thing to consider. Certain chemical may be harmful to the body so it is important to look at the composition of such products before taking them as supplement. The latest attraction is the products that are developed by using natural things. Since natural products are less harmful. Garcinia is one such product which is on the top of the list.

What is Garcinia?

Garcinia is the name of the plant species. The fruit from the Garcinia Cambogia tree is used for reducing excess body fat and weight. It is a small Pumpkin shaped fruit that is widely seen in South Asia and parts of Africa. In India the fruit rind has been used for treating digestive problems as a part of natural treatment. The fruit is sour and widely used in Asian food varieties.

Popular weight loss method:

As the demand has increased and due to good marketing methods Garcinia, has become one of the highly used weight loss remedies. It has been proved by medical terms that it reduces excess fat. Several health advisors also suggest using Garcinia. There are several manufacturers coming up with Garcinia composition. It is important to choose the right manufacturer. Certain countries do not have regulations in medicine manufacturing so check the country of manufacture. Check for the product that has natural ingredients in it.

Garcinia Products compared:

Not all the Garcinia extracts are same. It is important to note that several people try to make more money using the popularity of the name. Hence check the right product. Check for the ingredients and HCA content. HCA is the important extract from the fruit that acts as a weight loss agent. Several manufacturers have been shut down for producing fake products. Therefore it is important to check for the reputed manufacturers before starting the course. Check for filler agents in the medicine ingredients. Several manufacturers use fillers to just reduce the cost of manufacture hence check for it.

Garcinia helps you to reduce fat and also to suppress the carving for food. Several people tend to eat even if they don’t feel hungry this helps you to cut down the feeling. It reduces the excess fat and helps to further control excess fat from getting accumulated in the body which makes it a preferable product.

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